At Janelle on Location we take getting to know our brides very seriously. With a polished, intentional process in place to build relationship while we capture each bride's wedding vision and personal style preferences, we passionately believe that every bride should feel like HERSELF at her VERY BEST on her wedding day. Janelle is based out of South Carolina, and often frequents Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and travels worldwide!


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The Experience

Using our unique step-by-step process, we journey with Brides through their wedding planning adventure gathering specific information about their style, their personality, and their wedding vision. 


Taking into account all that we've learned, Janelle guides Brides and their favorite ladies to the best possible Hair + Makeup styles that reflect who they are, and what they're about.





The experience couldn't have been better or smoother. Janelle was incredibly kind, thoughtful, and responsive on email. Any time I had a question, new idea, or changes (and I had a bunch), Janelle and her team were on top of it! From our first phone conversation, I knew Janelle truly understood the look I was going for. I felt comfortable talking to her on the phone and on email - she was always patient and a great listener. I was so surprised and touched to receive a care package in the mail from Janelle and her team. It was the perfect pre-wedding de-stress care package. Rachel and her team were amazing! They were on time, nice, great conversationalists, and fun to be around. Most importantly, they were expert hair stylists and makeup artists. My bridal party, mom, mother-in-law, and I looked amazing! We couldn't have been more pleased with the results. We also LOVED the hand, foot, and shoulder massages. Perfect way to relax while we were getting ready! I feel very lucky that I had the opportunity to work with Janelle and her team.

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Janelle was a sweet, responsive, and a whole-hearted cheerleader for our wedding; I tend to ask a lot of questions, and she happily fielded all of them, gushed about Pinterest ideas, and perhaps most importantly, helped me to be decisive when I was floundering. She was also particularly good about making sure I wasn't settling for less than the best we could come up with together (I know pretty much nothing about makeup, so this was hugely useful) - the repeated refrain as we tried one look or another would be "What do you think?" "Yeah, that looks fine." "Well, we don't want fine; we want better than fine! We want amazing! How about this...?"

We had a wonderful time getting ready with Janelle and her team the morning of; the entire bridal party felt great, well taken care of, and on time for the rest of the day. As a slightly neurotic bride, I felt safe, supported, and loved every step of the way; I would recommend Janelle without reservation!




Janelle is nothing short of perfection. On your wedding day you want to be as stress-free as possible. Janelle makes you feel comfortable, at ease, and beautiful from the beginning. She is eager to hear your vision of your "look" that you would like to achieve on your wedding day but at the same time is equally interested in you as a person. What type of hair do you have, what do you like most and least about your hair, how to you typically style it?, etc. Janelle wants to truly get to know you and it shows in every aspect of her services. I couldn't be more thankful that I found Janelle. Her flexibility allows even the most unsure bride plenty of time to decide on a hairstyle/make up look. After my trial I thought I was set on my style, but as she said "Don't be surprised if you call me after looking at your trial photos, wanting to change something!" I did just that, and Janelle was supportive and excited for the slight tweaks I requested for my wedding-day look. Thanks to Janelle I, and all of my bridesmaids, felt more beautiful and confident than ever before. Look no further, book Janelle on Location for your wedding!



We can't wait to get to know you! We'd love to begin your process of finding the perfect Bridal Look that makes you feel beautiful, confident, and completely yourself. The following information is a great start!


We can't wait to get to know you!

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