Now Hiring: Hair + Makeup Assistant!

If you've been following our Team series at all, you know that our dynamics are really unique and that these ladies are AWESOME.

As we continue to grow and seek to serve Bridal Parties with fast timelines without sacrificing our top-notch caliber of work, we are on the hunt for another Assistant! Seeking a Licensed Cosmetologist with reliable transportation who meets the following qualifications for our Hair + Makeup Assistant Position:

Friendly, personal, positive, enthusiastic personality who handles stress calmly

Available Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in 2017 and 2018

Naturally Administratively Organized

A timely responder to text messages and emails

A love for the Hair + Makeup Industry

An eagerness to grow personally as a Stylist

A commitment to ongoing education (various forms are acceptable!)

All training specific to this position will be provided directly from us! Fill out an application if you're interested (or share this blog post with someone you know who might be!) We will follow up with next steps for those who best match up with our vision!

Team Photo by the wonderful Alison Dunn Photography

JOL Team: Meet Nicole!

This past Thursday, we had a #jolteam building day, and I feel freshly thankful for each and every one of the amazing professionals on this Team. Working so wonderfully together, with so much encouragement, and positive collaboration-- each Stylist is genuinely passionate about brides having the best experience possible as they seek to land on the perfect Bridal Look for themselves. We are all so thankful for what we do. Having met our Lead Stylists Rachel and Sara, and our Lead Makeup Artist Lindsay, I am so excited for you to meet our wonderful Assistant, Nicole. While a lot of her care for Leads and Bridal Parties may often be behind the scenes...we literally couldn't do what we do without her.


When you met Sara, you learned that she's a Cosmetology Instructor. Knowing our Team dynamics, she saw something in a student of hers that resonated with what we do and why we do it, along with exceptional skill and a natural eye for enhancing beauty. So when she finished school, we snatched her up! We are SO thankful Sara introduced Nicole to us!! Nicole is extremely articulate and a phenomenal communicator. Two assets when it comes to the personalization of Hair + Makeup Services! Her love for meeting new people and an excited eagerness to learn and be of Service in whatever ways possible, make her so incredibly valuable to us.


Nicole is a go-getter. She's proactive, extremely motivated, a life-long learner, and unbelievably passionate about the industry. Watching her love for weddings and being a part of making a day unforgettable only grow and grow--which, of course, just makes her that much more treasured on the #jolteam as we serve each #jolbride!

Nicole has been married to her husband for 4 years this August-- and they have been together for 11 years! She loves sour candy and dark Recees Peanut Butter Cups. Her hobbies include camping and traveling; she's spent time in Fiji, Australia, Jamaica, and Italy! Nicole considers herself a collector of Makeup, and especially loves working with vivid colors. She adores her two pups, Banjo and Penny!

We are so so thankful for Nicole and are thrilled about her future with the #jolteam! Images by the wonderful Alison Dunn Photography.

JOL Team: Meet Lindsay!

So as you know by now, our Team at Janelle on Location is really unique. We have Lead Stylists, who you've already met - Rachel and Sara, and it is my pleasure to introduce you to our wonderful Lead Makeup Artist, Lindsay!

I was really impressed with Lindsay even just the first time we interacted. She is so professional, her own makeup is always flawless, she's friendly, personal, and an incredibly calming presence. (A must for a makeup artist the morning of your wedding, right?!)

One thing that impressed me about Lindsay right away, was learning that she has twin boys...and a daughter who is just 11 months younger. You do the math-- that is THREE children in LESS than a year!! This amazing lady can juggle anything life throws her way and is steady as a rock.


Lindsay loves how happy people are, and how good they feel about themselves when they love their makeup and are comfortable in their own skin. She has such an eye for the art, and a heart that is eager to go above an beyond-- the perfect combination for our #jolteam and every #jolbride .

When not working weddings, Lindsay enjoys doing eyelash extensions. She loves her fantastic husband - and they were even High School Sweethearts! Her family of five loves making trips to Disney World for their vacations. 

We are honored that Lindsay is among us on the #jolteam!!

JOL Team: Meet Sara!

If you've been following our little series diving into the Team Dynamics at Janelle on Location and who we are, you met Rachel last week.

This week, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Sara!

I was blown away by Sara from our first interaction. Her passion for Hair + Makeup, in addition to her great love for details still inspires me regularly. This amazing lady could literally teach organization classes-- and even as someone who considers myself very organized...I would absolutely take them! Sara actually uses her excellent communication skills, and her own devotion to being a life-long learner, to teach (not organization classes ;) but Cosmetology! It makes my heart happy to think that there are so many students in the industry learning under Sara's great passion, knowledge, experience, and care.


Sara is fantastic at asking excellent questions. She thoroughly peruses through images, notes, and details for each #jolbride that is "hers" - soaking in every tiny aspect. Her zeal for each client to look and feel like the best version of themselves is undeniable. She is so obviously excited and eager to do whatever necessary to make each bride (or bridesmaid, or mom!) feel absolutely amazing: enhancing their best features. Sara is determined. A hard worker. Dedicated. And an absolute blast to be around!

Sara loves beach days with her dog, Cooper. On the Sundays she isn't working weddings, Sara can be found catching up with her girlfriends over brunch at local eateries. Her favorite thing to do in the winter is ice skate-- and Friday nights around Sara are movie nights complete with cozy PJs and great snacks!

We are so thankful to have Sara among us on the #jolteam! She is an asset!

JOL Team: Meet Rachel!

At Janelle on Location, our Team dynamics are wonderfully unique and we wanted to take some time to introduce you to each member. First up:  Rachel!

I was so excited to meet Rachel that fateful day in 2014. She'd been recommended for me to consider as a new addition to the Team, and it was evident immediately that she has a God-given eye for enhancing natural beauty. Her eagerness to always learn and grow as a Stylist (which is a requirement for the JOL Team!) was extremely evident, as well as an unbelievably hard work ethic and tremendous dependability.

This past year, Rachel received certification from the Devachan Salon in NYC and is now "Deva Certified!" We are so proud that she's specializing in Naturally Curly hair.

Emails from Rachel are full of exclamation points as her genuine enthusiasm can't be stifled. She is kind, up-beat, steady as a rock under stress, and has a beautiful servant's heart. "Whatever she needs!" is the most frequent response I receive from Rachel as we orchestrate the details of Trial Run and Wedding Day schedules with each #jolbride that is "hers." 

Just recently, I received this sweet email after our #jolbride Nicole and her mom had their Hair Trial Runs with Rachel,

"I cannot thank you both enough.  We just got back from dinner and were both talking about how much we love our hair.  Rachel was amazing.  I really wasn't sure how to explain what I liked (I'm not sure if I even knew to be honest) but she was so patient with me and wonderful to work with.  It made me so excited for what's to come and to have her as part of our big day." 

Rachel loves sushi, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, plays the harp, sings, and is number 8 of 10 kids (yes, you read that right: TEN!). She looks forward to picnics with her husband and her annual family vacation to Maine with no electricity or indoor plumbing!

We are so thankful to have Rachel as part of the #jolteam !

Who is Janelle on Location?

You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, I think a quick two minute video is worth a hundred emails, several phone calls, and an "About Us" page on a website! The amazing Kristen of Kristen Kiraly Films put a video together that couldn't possibly more accurately sum up what Janelle on Location is all about. Because it needs absolutely zero it is! Enjoy!

What are JOL Team Dynamics Like?

I love everything about TEAM. Collaboration, brainstorming, relying and depending on one another, feeding off of each other's energy and laughter. It goes hand in hand with why I love marriage and weddings so much! Two is better than one.

The way we, as the Janelle on Location Team, work together is really unique to our industry. So I often find myself explaining our "how."

All of the ladies on our Team are friendly, personable, extremely positive, calm under stress, and an absolute blast to be around!

This is how we serve a bridal party on the wedding day: Each wedding is assigned with one Stylist as the "Lead." This Stylist is responsible for focusing on getting to know you and diving into allll of the details. How you wear your hair everyday, what your daily makeup regiment is (if any)-- what your dress looks like and where its from, the overall vision and feel you are going for in your wedding, etc. etc. She's perusing through your inspiration photos and letting her creativity, passion, love for the industry, interest and care for YOU, spark ideas. Thinking through styles that would make you feel comfortable, beautiful, and also be incredibly unique. She's the Stylist you spend hours laughing and chatting with at your Trial Run. (I just had a #jolbride email me that she'd have pizza and beer all set for her Trial Run with her Lead Stylist last week-- I was so jealous I wasn't there!! Trial Runs can be like mini pamper parties!)

On the day of the wedding, other JOL Team members join the designated Lead Stylist to assist. Using their own great skill and experience, Assistants gladly take direction from the Lead in regards to Styling and Makeup. This keeps everything cohesive and consistent with your wedding vision and style, as well as ensuring we are working as efficiently as possible with no rushed time lines or crunched schedules. (Click here for Five Tips for the Perfect Wedding Morning!)

These ladies not only have my respect as professionals, but have become very dear to my heart. I am inspired by their great care for brides, their passion in the industry, and the way they move mountains to best serve others (to name a few.)

From left to right we have Sheila- our amazing Massage Therapist, Rachel - Lead Stylist, Lindsay - Lead Makeup Artist, Janelle (myself) - Owner + Senior Stylist, Sara - Lead Stylist, and Nicole - Assistant.

I'm excited for you to get to know these wonderful ladies more!

Thanks for all of these great Team Shots, Alison Dunn Photography!

A New Space for our Brides

Our brides absolutely become our friends throughout the wedding planning process. We love getting to know each bride's style, interests, wedding vision, and ohhing and ahhing over their dress and details.

Over the years, I often think about past brides and wonder how they're doing; if their husband got that promotion, where they live now, if they're having babies, and generally just what is going on in their lives.

SO! To re-connect with brides from the past, introduce them to current and future JOL Brides, AND to share styling tips and do some fun giveaways because you're "our people"...we made a facebook page...JUST for JOL Brides. We'll start using the hashtag #jolbride on our Instagram Posts, and would love for you to join in our community!

Please feel free to utilize this amazing resource for product tips, wedding planning ideas, and so much more. Welcome, JOL Brides, to our new online community! There may or may not already be a "Spruce up your hair in 2 minutes" Tutorial waiting for you ;)

(Since I have been doing weddings for 17 years, it will definitely take time to invite each special lady individually. Please feel free to help out by commenting here or on Instagram and asking to be added!)

Massive thanks to the wonderful Alison Dunn Photography for these images of us!

Photography Workshop: Heading to France this Summer!

When an all-time favorite photographer, Lauren Fair, asks if you'll join her as part of an incredible Dream Team in France for a Photography Workshop and multiple Styled say YES! And that's exactly what we did!

We are so honored, and couldn't be more excited about participating in the magic that will happen this August, and we hope you'll join us in the South of France!

Teaming together with Julie Paisley Photography, Lauren and Tim are offering guidance and teaching that your photography career literally cannot afford to miss. We are so excited to be working with Oleander Floral and Sandpiper and Co again to create some unbelievable beauty for these talented photographers to capture!

Get an early-bird discount of $300 off just for signing up by December 31st! There are only a few spots left-- make sure you jump on this incredible opportunity! More information and signups are HERE-- we'll see you there!

Now offering on location Massage Therapy Services!

We are always thinking of new ways to help our Brides and their favorite ladies relax and have THE MOST ENJOYABLE Wedding morning POSSIBLE. It is our passion, and our commitment to you.

We are over the moon to finally announce that we are officially offering on location Massage Therapy Services in 2017!

Treat yourself to a full body massage to melt away any nervous excitement, spoil your friends and family with relaxing chair massages, and enjoy the BEST parts of a manicure or pedicure: gentle exfoliation and massage for your hands or feet!

Massage is a great way to celebrate a Bachelorette Party, or relax the night of the Rehearsal Dinner, too!

Fill out our contact form for more information!


Five Tips to the Perfect Wedding Morning

A wedding morning can be a LOT of things. Exciting, stressful, joyous, overwhelming, full of adrenaline, anxiety-inducing...and we want all of our brides to have the most seamless "getting ready" experience possible. Because, let's be honest. A wedding morning is about SO MUCH MORE than just having everyone's hair and makeup done. (Even if that's our favorite part!)

This is your last morning as a single lady. This is a time to celebrate who you are, who you've become, and the amazing ladies who've watched and even helped shape that process over the course of your life.

Which, leads us to our first tip!

Surround Yourself with Your Favorite Ladies

Honestly, this part should be really easy. Because it's highly likely that your favorite ladies are already in your bridal party and will be getting ready with you. But even if you've chosen not to have a bridal party, coming up with this list shouldn't take any effort. Who is in your Recent Calls list? What friends are all over your Facebook timeline? Who have your co-workers heard about and now know by name even though they've never met? favorite one: What ladies will CELEBRATE with you the most?

You'll want these ladies to be the ones that make you laugh (so hard that you cry), that will shed tears of joy when they see you in your dress. The friends that will, "Remember when" all morning as you tell hysterical stories of your growing up or dating your fiance. All of these things will relax you, and keep you focused on what the day is all about: marrying the man of your dreams!

A small word of caution, that while you definitely don't want to feel like anyone is missing from this special group you choose, brides can tend to feel a bit overwhelmed when there's more than about 12-15 people around giving suggestions about the wedding day or your hair/makeup. (For some brides, that number is more like 3-5.) You know yourself, you know your friends-- just consider the space you have and what will help keep you sane, stress-free, and relaxed.


Food + Drinks

This is where the party starts! Mimosas, the best coffee, pastries and fruit...or even a full-on brunch! Don't skimp-- this is the greatest day ever, after all! From a practical standpoint, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a designated bridesmaid who makes sure you're eating and drinking enough (water!) on your wedding day. Staying hydrated and nourished is important for all of the emotions and energy needed to greet guests and pour out your heart in front of a hundred people.


Choose Either a Familiar, or Fun Environment

We recommend having plenty of space for ladies to hang out as you sip those mimosas and chat with one another while they're not in our styling chairs. Consider whether you'd feel more comfortable in a perfectly-naturally-lit hotel room + a front desk to call for any needs, or if the familiar space of your childhood home would put you right at ease, do what's best for you. We will just add, that bridal parties who have only one or two locations to be at for the day, seem a lot less frazzled. Whether you get ready at the ceremony site or reception venue (or both), we've seen a significant decrease in the stress of ladies as they transition from one part of the day to the next, if the final wedding-destination is all in the same place, or just one additional location.


Choose a Stylist who knows you + will be focused on you

One of many reasons we love getting to know our brides personally, is because after our phone calls, countless emails, a trial run, and Pinterest Board sharing together, we are a familiar face, and calming presence to a bride on the morning of her wedding. We love knowing our brides' likes and dislikes, and being able to focus all of our energy and attention in the right place on her most important day. We are a no-drama, positive, energetic team who absolutely LOVES what we do!

No to-do list

...or a Wedding Coordinator to take care of it! Honestly, though, we see this as a huge area of stress for brides. Any last minute things that need to be handled the day of the wedding often keep them distracted from being in the moment and savoring every single second of this day they've planned so long and hard for. Pass the to-dos onto someone else: brides are just supposed to ENJOY!!

Thank you, Lauren Fair Photography and Kristin Shyla for these gorgeous images!

Choose the Right Wedding Hair and Makeup for You

Choosing your wedding hair and makeup look isn't a small decision. It significantly impacts your confidence for the day, every SINGLE photo, and how you'll remember feeling about yourself as you reflect back and reminisce about the most important day in your life for the rest of forever.

Setting a Higher Standard for Hair and Makeup

While many many hairstylists and makeup artists do fantastic work making women look beautiful...

...the truth is, on your wedding day, you don't want to just look pretty. You want to look YOUR BEST. Recognizably YOU...the very best representation of you. A look that encapsulates who you are, your style, your personality, and puts it on display for the world to see! You want to look and feel the most comfortable you've ever felt in your own skin.

This requires finding a hairstylist and makeup artist who will take the time to get to know you. Check out our guest post on Style Me Prettyfor more tips about How to Look Like Yourself on Your Big Day.

Wedding Hair and Makeup
Wedding Hair and Makeup

More than just pulling off a look

A lot of brides simply look gorgeous in anything. They could pull off any look in the world and make it look amazing. (This is why, if we didn't get to know our brides, we would have NO IDEA how to begin recommending styles!)

Sure, face structure, hair texture, density, eye setting, etc. can "tend" towards looking better in certain ways. But unless a hairstyle or makeup look is representative of won't like it, or feel comfortable in it. Or, there could be other styles you like far better, and you just have no idea they even exist.

What does this mean

Here's an example. This gorgeous bride is named Brooke. Chances are, you don't know her. So every reader will have a different opinion about what hair and makeup styles look best on her (trust us- we've heard them all!) And that's because...well, she's beautiful! She looks gorgeous in all of the styles! But to those who know her best, there is only one that's "Brooke."

While Brooke could pull off any of these looks: the flower crown Taylor Swift look-alike, the Icelandic princess, the timeless, vintage, re-purpose-your-mom's-dress look...what's most "her", fit HER personality, HER style, and complimented HER wedding gown...was soft, natural, beautiful waves in her flowing long blonde hair.

Just look at how her face lights up as she feels so comfortable in this look! She's glowing!

All of this is why atrial runis so important. In the process of getting to know you, we like to be able to offer helpful tips, suggestions, recommendations, and style ideas you may have never seen before or thought of that might be just PERFECT for you.

A special thanks to Cheryl Dawn Photography for the amazing images from Brooke's stylized photo shoot/trial run, and M2 Photography for these breathtaking photos of Brooks' wedding day. We are honored to work with you both!

Hair and Makeup Inspiration


Some brides and bridesmaids know exactly what they want for their hair and makeup. Others, don't have any idea. But most fall right in between. There's a general idea- they've gotten hair and makeup inspiration from photos, but their inability to style their own hair in the hundreds of Pinterest Styles they peruse through leaves them feeling a little unsure. "What's possible with my hair? What will look good? Will I like this style on me?"

All fantastic questions. This is where we come in!

Looking at your hair type and texture, and flipping through some hairstyle photos that have caught your eye, we love making suggestions and recommendations as to how to work with your hair, and sometimes combine various aspects of multiple styles so you end up with just the right look for you.

View More:

I loved how this bride, Nelly, went about achieving her look. Wanting some natural volume, we started with a Shampoo Blow Dry and went on to style her soft curls, and front braid into a gentle half-up, very natural style. A seemingly "accidental" look. Her makeup wasn't over the top, but enough to stand out in photos and look completely natural.

View More: More:

Nelly's bridesmaids chose really varying looks that fit their personalities and hair types. (Individuality is our favorite!) View More: love&lightphotographs_nelly&fred_wedding-145Because this bridesmaid's hair texture wasn't conducive to the way (technique and method) the hair was styled in the photo she showed me, I went about styling it completely differently than the photo would suggest, ending up with the same look, but far more secure so she could dance the night away! She loved it.

View More: More:

View More:

We absolutely LOVED working with Jessa from Love & Light Photographs for this wedding. Not only is she super sweet and wonderful to be around, her work (as you can see) is absolutely breathtaking. Never in my entire career as a fellow wedding vendor have I received a "preview" on SUNDAY MORNING after a wedding. Talk about amazing! This girl has got it together. Thanks, Jessa, for letting us share your gorgeous work with the world! And Nelly, you make one beautiful bride! We are so honored to have been a part of your gorgeous day- Congratulations to you and Fred! View More:


This wedding was also featured on The Knot! Check it out!The+Knot+Logo+(1)


Rustic + Romantic Wedding Inspiration | Style Me Pretty Feature


I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am to spread these pictures across the social media world. Jessica Cooper captured so much beauty in one day, it's hardly believable. Sweet Caroline Styles knocked it out of the park with an outstandingly beautiful handmade gown. And oh my goodness, this adorable romper for the bride to get ready in?! Yes, she made it. Unbelievable. So much skill and talent. And I had way too much fun doing so many styles with various head pieces on a gorgeous bride! We are proudly featured on Style Me Pretty today-- head over to check out the whole gallery! Here's a small taste to wet your appetite:

Philadelphia-Wedding-Photographer_JessicaCooperPhotography-43Philadelphia-Wedding-Photographer_JessicaCooperPhotography-44Philadelphia-Wedding-Photographer_JessicaCooperPhotography-54 Philadelphia-Wedding-Photographer_JessicaCooperPhotography-61Philadelphia-Wedding-Photographer_JessicaCooperPhotography-68Philadelphia-Wedding-Photographer_JessicaCooperPhotography-47Philadelphia-Wedding-Photographer_JessicaCooperPhotography-179 Philadelphia-Wedding-Photographer_JessicaCooperPhotography-170


Proud to work alongside these wonderful vendors:

Venue | The Inn at Fernbrook

Photographer | Jessica Cooper Photography

Dress Designer | Sweet Caroline Styles

Florist | Pink Dahlia Vintage

Vintage Rentals | Renee-Forget-Me-Not Vintage Rentals & Event Styling

Paper Goods | Lauren-Darling + Pearl

Bakery | The Cake Box

Video | Simply Shire

Assembling Your Dream Team #SMPWedding101

We just love Style Me Pretty. What they do, what they share, how they inspire... They have a new and awesome hashtag #SMPWedding101 where they're sharing planning tips!

Its always such a privilege and honor to guest post on this outstanding blog. Check out some tips we shared on how to Assemble your Dream Team and our experience working with Vendors who know each other. Enjoy!


Style Me Pretty 101

Are you a Lovely Bride?

If so, then here's your shot at a hair + makeup discount! We have absolutely loved working with Lovely Bride. Their breathtaking boutique in Philadelphia is so inviting and spectacularly ridden with beauty in every corner. Their gowns and accessories are exquisite and radiant.


Since I love working with Lovely Bride and their amazing staff, I am thrilled to do a promotion with them. I will be at their Philly location offering hair and makeup suggestions/visuals to complete the look you try on- making recommendations based on your gown, veil, head piece, personality, and the vision you have for your wedding. This is exactly why I love what I do! Does it get any more fun than this?!

How do you receive this outstanding service? Simple! Just book your appointment with Lovely Bride on Wednesday, March 18th between 4 and 8pm. THAT'S IT!

Together we'll explore how to best capture your overall "Bridal Look." This service is completely free of charge, and even enters you into a contest to win a discounted hair + makeup trial run!

Be one of these lucky Lovely Brides and automatically win $50 off your hair + makeup trial, AND be entered into a drawing for 50% off your trial! Can't wait to see you there!


Lauren Fair Photography Bride | WINNER


If you haven't kept up with our raves about Lauren Fair Photography and why we love working with her, we are doing an exclusive giveaway for her brides! Every.single. Lauren Fair Bride who contacted us received $50 off of their hair + makeup trial run! And of those brides, one receives the GRAND PRIZE of 50% off her hair + makeup trial!

We are so pleased and excited to announce DEVON M as our winner! Congratulations, Devon! We can't wait to meet you!


Thank you to all who participated- we look forward to working with Lauren Fair and her amazing team more this year!

Lauren Fair Photography Bride Discount| Last Chance

Well, ladies, this is your last chance to get a discount! If you missed my last post on why I love working with Lauren Fair Photography and what an outstanding woman and artist she is, check it out here. Take a look at some of her breathtaking photos from a recent shoot we did together: WinterBerryInspiredStyledShoot165 WinterBerryInspiredStyledShoot131


This "Lauren Fair Brides Only" offer ends on Saturday, February 14th! Get $50 off your hair and makeup trial run instantly, with a chance to win 50% off just for being a Lauren Fair Bride!

If you'd like to meet me virtually, check out my new promo video here! I can't wait to hear from you!