Simple Static Solutions


DSC_0763-006Ever had your skirt cling to you? Or a dress all-up-on your tights even if you're wearing a slip? Here's a tip: take your hairspray...lift your skirt/dress {preferably not in public} and lightly spray the inside.

This will take and KEEP the static from bonding you to your clothes!

Hairspray and other professional products can also aid in getting static out of your hair. {A spritz of hairspray on your brush will do the trick!} But if you're out and don't carry products in your purse {shame, shame} dryer sheets.

You read that right...DRYER sheets. Gently glide the sheet over your lion-like mane and instantly...static is gone and stays away! Stick a few in your purse for the next time your hair goes wild.

You can also use dryer sheets to wipe away static on the inside of clothing if you don't have hairspray nearby.

Wherever static creeps up on you, clothing or in your hair...dryer sheets and hairspray can make it disappear!

What do you normally do when your hair is overwhelmed with static?