JOL Team: Meet Rachel!

At Janelle on Location, our Team dynamics are wonderfully unique and we wanted to take some time to introduce you to each member. First up:  Rachel!

I was so excited to meet Rachel that fateful day in 2014. She'd been recommended for me to consider as a new addition to the Team, and it was evident immediately that she has a God-given eye for enhancing natural beauty. Her eagerness to always learn and grow as a Stylist (which is a requirement for the JOL Team!) was extremely evident, as well as an unbelievably hard work ethic and tremendous dependability.

This past year, Rachel received certification from the Devachan Salon in NYC and is now "Deva Certified!" We are so proud that she's specializing in Naturally Curly hair.

Emails from Rachel are full of exclamation points as her genuine enthusiasm can't be stifled. She is kind, up-beat, steady as a rock under stress, and has a beautiful servant's heart. "Whatever she needs!" is the most frequent response I receive from Rachel as we orchestrate the details of Trial Run and Wedding Day schedules with each #jolbride that is "hers." 

Just recently, I received this sweet email after our #jolbride Nicole and her mom had their Hair Trial Runs with Rachel,

"I cannot thank you both enough.  We just got back from dinner and were both talking about how much we love our hair.  Rachel was amazing.  I really wasn't sure how to explain what I liked (I'm not sure if I even knew to be honest) but she was so patient with me and wonderful to work with.  It made me so excited for what's to come and to have her as part of our big day." 

Rachel loves sushi, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, plays the harp, sings, and is number 8 of 10 kids (yes, you read that right: TEN!). She looks forward to picnics with her husband and her annual family vacation to Maine with no electricity or indoor plumbing!

We are so thankful to have Rachel as part of the #jolteam !

Try Deva Curl for FREE!

Are you one of those Curlies who's heard great things about Deva Curl Cuts and Products and you want to give them a try...but you don't want to commit?

Then this Deva Curl Giveaway is for YOU!

Here at Janelle on Location, we love GIVING AWAY free stuff. This a Deva Curl Sample for FREE! Try the three most important products; products that allow you to completely test the Deva Curl styling method: Cleanse, Hydrate, Style without investing a single penny.

Deva Trial Giveaway We are more than happy to have a phone consultation with the winner about how to use these products to get the most out of them and your curls!

These products go hand-in-hand with the Deva Cut technique and method.

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Oh. And share the love. Tell all your Curly friends!



Does a Curly Bob have to be a Triangle?


There are a lot of things Curly Girls think they can't get away with, that Straight Haired Girls have an advantage in. However, on a lot of things, I beg to differ. A Curly Girl can certainly have bangs...they just have to be the right kind of bangs for her face and spirals.

I discussed in a recent post, the varying factors about the bob hairstyle and its many forms. Today I want to demonstrate how, contrary to popular belief, a Curly Girl can absolutely have a bob without having a triangle on her head.

As mentioned all over my website and in previous posts, a DRY HAIRCUT is imperative to this kind of style.

JOL Blog22


This Curly Lady wanted a big change. Beginning with a very slight inverted bob, she only continued to amaze me with her bravery asking for a little bit shorter/sharper angle. We snipped until we got all of the curls just right. And isn't it so cute on her?!

I received a text just days after her cut exclaiming how much she loves this new style. That's one way to bring a giant grin to a Curly Stylist's face!

Speaking of cute new Curly bobs...get a load of THIS.

JOL Blog23 How much fun is this cut?! Adding all kinds of density and curl definition, this style could not be more perfect for these locks. Framing the face, interacting with one another to boost volume and create fantastic shape...these are seriously happy curls. Just ask the client!

"I. LOVE. MY. CUT.  It's been SO much fun to wear down, and people are telling me all the time how great it looks..." -KG

Not sure if a bob is right for your curls? Feel free to contact us with a photo of yourself and ask!



Deva Curl Cleansers Video: No Poo vs Low Poo


I wish I could tell you how many clients have informed me that they "used" to {or even still use} Deva Products, and then during their first Deva Cut appointment with me exclaim, "OHHH! THAT'S how you use that?!" Technique is half the battle. Think of it as a recipe-- if you have all the right ingredients, with no directions as to how to mix it all together to complete the're going to be missing out big time!

Deva Curl Cleansers Video: No Poo and Low Poo

Since it can be overwhelming to switch {or even tweak} your Curly hair routine, I've decided to make some informational videos explaining the purpose, proper use, and the "why" behind each Deva Product. Check out the first video on Deva Curl Cleansers: No Poo and Low Poo.

For those of you who prefer reading over watching, the jist of the video is below.

Deva Curl Cleansers: No Poo vs Low Poo

No Poo

Deva Curl's Cleanser, No Poo is white in color, and the consistency of a conditioner. It doesn't bubble or emulsify, and does not strip your hair of all of its natural oils. {Which is a good thing!} While dish soap is created to "cut grease" {and we love that when we do dishes!} -- we do NOT want to do the same thing with our hair- but many shampoos do! No Poo purposely leaves a thin layer of your natural oil on your scalp to keep your curls hydrated. This keeps your oil glands from being "over productive" and telling your hair to produce extra oil because its all being stripped away with your shampoo.

I recommend No Poo for coarse, dry curls.

Low Poo

Deva Curl's Cleanser, Low Poo is translucent in color- with a slight yellow tint to it. It DOES bubble, but not due to sulfates! They added coconut just for people {like me} who love the "bubbly feeling."

I recommend Low Poo for fine hair, or scalps that tend to be more oily.

Deva Curl Cleansing Technique

For both cleansers, be careful to not use big arm and wrist movements as you wash your scalp. The cleansers aren't meant to scrub the shaft of your hair, just your scalp- think of your scalp as an extension of your face, and No Poo and Low Poo as your scalp "face wash." Stick with your fingers to do the scrubbing for you- lifting dirt, oil, and free radicals.

If you have any questions about the products or techniques, feel free to email me at I'd be happy to answer them for you!


Curly Transformation

This Curly decided just seconds before her haircut that she wanted to go short-- I was amazed at her bravery! But was it a great decision.



Curly Haircut Transformation

Curly Haircut Decision Makers

With an initial intention of evening up the length {a common area to address if the last Curly Haircut wasn't a dry one}, the top curls here have a much higher curl spring factor. A dry cut allows me as the stylist to see what I'm really working with. And while we were able to get the curls in the nape area to curl more tightly, they simply aren't the same kind of curls as the ones on top.

This incredibly cute bob allowed us to hide the not-as-tight-curls and highlight the spring-y-er ones. The exact outcome we wanted!

We now have less frizz, increased curl definition, and an overall curly look that is even- with correct weight distribution and shape with more volume.

Check out this previous post for additional ideas about how to cut/style YOUR curls!

What does this make you want to do with YOUR curls for the summer?

Selfie Deva Cut


So, I don't think I've ever put a "selfie" of JUST myself online before now. There are more than enough of my husband and me together...mostly on facebook- but {maybe I'm too old} I just haven't jumped on the selfie band wagon. Aaaaannd this feels really REALLY uncomfortable.


At the risk of being vain, I believe visual aids are important. And. It's for the sake of hair-learning.


Here I am.

JOL Website7

Both of these photos were taken this past weekend. The one on the left I snapped on Friday early morning before heading out the door to work a wedding.

The right photo was taken Sunday morning before church.

I used the exact same products, in the same order, with the same technique on both days. Both are "fresh off the Deva-fuser."

And yet...there's a huge difference, right?

Saturday I gave myself a bang trim, and chose about 10 strategic curls on the sides of my hair, and took of some weight/length.

And every time I do that, and then style my hair, I am AMAZED at how much easier it is to style my hair, how curly it gets, and how little I have to "work" to get my curls to come out of hiding.

I am freshly reminded how vital consistent Deva Cuts are to my curls working for me. No extra coaxing or encouraging...they fall into place and seem eager to go right where I want them...with hardly any work.

So Curlies, if you're using the right products, the right techniques, in the right order and still leave in the morning feeling like your curls aren't all you want them to be...'s time for a Deva Cut.

What are your first signs that you're ready for a trim?

Devacurl Haircuts

I absolutely love my job.  

No matter how long I do this {meaning Devacurl haircuts}, I am ASTOUNDED and AMAZED after each and every client's curls-- this cut, these products...seem to work miracles. And...I just love it.

Take a look at these lovely ladies from recent appointments. I didn't write "before and "after"...because. Quite frankly, I think it seems redundant. Duh.

Devacurl Haircut #1

Look at the way her hair now curls up at her roots, and the curls cascade alllll the way down her hair...not just clustering at the ends the way they did before.

And. Can we say, DEFINITION?! Wow.

Ladies, let this be proof...that haircuts for Curlies do NOT have to end up SHORT! She kept almost all her length-- and still had tons of weight taken out and distributed more evenly. SHAPE. Not length. This is why I do what I do. Devacurl all the way.

Devacurl Haircuts

Devacurl Haircut #2

I love the shape this Deva Cut provides. {Oops. Was I already talking about shape?} Just look at those two shots of her gorgeous face-- those curls are now COMPLIMENTING her face shape. The slight bang {isn't her ombre cool?} is a perfect accent. So many words come to mind. Framing. Flattering. Gorgeous. Hydrated. Natural. Deva Cuts allow your curls to work together...instead of against each other. The proof is here!

Devacurl Haircuts


Devacurl Haircut #3

I seriously couldn't {and still can't} get over this one. These curls were thirsty...and they took the hydration that Deva Products provide, and DRANK it up. So much so, that the spring factor bounced up! We didn't take much off of the ends, but with some weight distribution and the right products...I am in disbelief: look at how thick and full her curls now are!!

Devacurl Haircuts

Devacurl Haircut #4

Out of all the photos in this post, this cut has the least "dramatic" shape change. Let it be proof: this was her SECOND Deva Cut {first one was in NYC}. While yes, her curls needed more definition, and new grew out really well. Can't you tell a difference between these "before's" and the others?

This sweet mom has such cute cut! Her appointment was so fun. I love how her curls bounce, and that she's chosen a style that is manageable for her season of life. Yay for reality. Yay for hair that looks great everyday with very little effort! She has beautiful waves, and wears them so well.

Devacurl Haircuts

Devacurl Haircut #5

Since many Curlies have been scarred by previous "hack jobs", it can take a while for confidence to be built to have a stylist go short. But this beauty, even on her first appointment, wasn't afraid at all! And Look at how those curls turned out! Is this the cutest little bob, or what?!

Devacurl Haircuts

Devacurl Haircut #6

No before pictures here...but holy cow was this precious girl ADORABLE!! Check out her gorgeous locks!

Devacurl Haircuts

Don't take our word for for yourselves how much these Curlies love their new Deva Cuts!

So, which one is your favorite transformation?

Deva Cut: Brittany


JOL Website1-001 As you can clearly see, Brittany is beautiful no matter what style her hair is in.

What the photos don't show, but you would discover upon your first 5 seconds of meeting Brittany, is that she is ridiculously beautiful inside as well. A sweet, hospitable, caring soul who is passionate about loving others well. An utter delight to be around.

In need of a new style with some specific hair concerns/styling difficulties, Brittany and I discussed the best place to go with her cut. Removing a lot of weight out of her hair, adding some layers and framing, and making those curls BOUNCE!

DSC_0766-002Notice how LITTLE length we took off, and how MUCH hair was left on the floor after her cut! {shoe provided for scale-- and I have big feet for a girl!}

Deva Cuts are not about the "ends" or the "length." It's all about shape and weight distribution.

Brittany is now looking forward to getting more than one day out of her curls, and saving so.much.time. drying, styling, & putting her hair up. Just a little bit of scrunching with this new cut, and she's ready to bounce frizz free!

So, what's your favorite thing about

Brittany's new Deva Cut?