A JOL Reference Page: What You Need to Know


We know we're different. We don't solely offer Wedding Day Hair + Makeup (far from it!) and that throws a LOT of brides off. There's almost a learning curve to understanding our philosophy and process because we differ so significantly in our mindset and services to others in our industry.

Consider this blog post (right here, that you're reading!) your cheat sheet! The big pieces of who we are, what we do, why, and what that means for you...all in one place.

Maybe you want to know: Who is Janelle on Location? or What Are Our Team Dynamics Like?

Maybe you want to know What to Expect at Your Trial Run or you're eager to get the most out of your experience by Investing in Our Relationship and Process.

Sometimes Brides aren't sure how to Choose the Right Hair + Makeup for themselves. Or they forget we offer Massage Therapy Services at any time.

Perhaps you want to start off by learning a bit about your Lead Stylist: Janelle, Rachel, or Sara.

If you're lost on even HOW to look for inspiration hairstyles, get our guidance here and here.

And if you'd like...you can get Five Tips to the Perfect Wedding Morning just for kicks!

Always feel free to comment or email with questions!!