JOL Team: Meet Lindsay!

So as you know by now, our Team at Janelle on Location is really unique. We have Lead Stylists, who you've already met - Rachel and Sara, and it is my pleasure to introduce you to our wonderful Lead Makeup Artist, Lindsay!

I was really impressed with Lindsay even just the first time we interacted. She is so professional, her own makeup is always flawless, she's friendly, personal, and an incredibly calming presence. (A must for a makeup artist the morning of your wedding, right?!)

One thing that impressed me about Lindsay right away, was learning that she has twin boys...and a daughter who is just 11 months younger. You do the math-- that is THREE children in LESS than a year!! This amazing lady can juggle anything life throws her way and is steady as a rock.


Lindsay loves how happy people are, and how good they feel about themselves when they love their makeup and are comfortable in their own skin. She has such an eye for the art, and a heart that is eager to go above an beyond-- the perfect combination for our #jolteam and every #jolbride .

When not working weddings, Lindsay enjoys doing eyelash extensions. She loves her fantastic husband - and they were even High School Sweethearts! Her family of five loves making trips to Disney World for their vacations. 

We are honored that Lindsay is among us on the #jolteam!!