Team Tuesday: The Beginning


We all get our start somewhere.

There's always a beginning to every business, every career...each person has their own story.

While mine was born in my Aunt and Uncle's Salon in New Jersey on the day of my cousin's wedding, heading back home to Virginia is where my passion for the beauty industry really began to take root. In 7th grade, I had a very detailed plan of how I was going to get my Cosmetology License, specialize in Customer Service, and one day own my own salon. (Turns out I LOVE owning an on location business WAY MORE.) Believe it or not, my 7th grade plans weren't far from what my dreams materialized to be! More on that in another post. Full of others who influenced me, encouraged me, and LOTS of peers who were willing volunteers to be guinea pigs for Proms and Homecomings!

These two ladies pictured above, invested in me more than words can say. Jean (left) and Judy (right) were two of the Stylists who worked at the Salon I first Assisted at in Charlottesville, Virginia when I was 15. As I was sweeping floors, doing shampoos, making coffee, and cleaning, these ladies would pull me aside mid-updo they were working on, and show me a trick. Or explain how they knew their client was interested in something she wasn't even verbally communicating style-wise. They showed me how to hold hairspray when your hands are full, how to make hair pins be "fully committed", and how to appreciate the value of the work they (and I) did.

Their investment in me is one of the reasons I'm so passionate about investing in other Stylists, and the motivation behind the precise way our Team is structured here at Janelle on Location. Building into others both as professionals, and as people has become a tremendous passion, and I am unbelievably thankful for Jean, and Judy (among so so many others) who took time to encourage me, and teach me more than words can describe.

From a 15 year old Assistant, to the video below, my heart bursts. This is the fruit of so much love from others, many kind words, ridiculously supportive parents, lots and LOTS of mistakes, and almost two decades of unbelievably hard work. I am absolutely stoked about what this next year holds!!

Thanks for being a part of our story.