What are JOL Team Dynamics Like?

I love everything about TEAM. Collaboration, brainstorming, relying and depending on one another, feeding off of each other's energy and laughter. It goes hand in hand with why I love marriage and weddings so much! Two is better than one.

The way we, as the Janelle on Location Team, work together is really unique to our industry. So I often find myself explaining our "how."

All of the ladies on our Team are friendly, personable, extremely positive, calm under stress, and an absolute blast to be around!

This is how we serve a bridal party on the wedding day: Each wedding is assigned with one Stylist as the "Lead." This Stylist is responsible for focusing on getting to know you and diving into allll of the details. How you wear your hair everyday, what your daily makeup regiment is (if any)-- what your dress looks like and where its from, the overall vision and feel you are going for in your wedding, etc. etc. She's perusing through your inspiration photos and letting her creativity, passion, love for the industry, interest and care for YOU, spark ideas. Thinking through styles that would make you feel comfortable, beautiful, and also be incredibly unique. She's the Stylist you spend hours laughing and chatting with at your Trial Run. (I just had a #jolbride email me that she'd have pizza and beer all set for her Trial Run with her Lead Stylist last week-- I was so jealous I wasn't there!! Trial Runs can be like mini pamper parties!)

On the day of the wedding, other JOL Team members join the designated Lead Stylist to assist. Using their own great skill and experience, Assistants gladly take direction from the Lead in regards to Styling and Makeup. This keeps everything cohesive and consistent with your wedding vision and style, as well as ensuring we are working as efficiently as possible with no rushed time lines or crunched schedules. (Click here for Five Tips for the Perfect Wedding Morning!)

These ladies not only have my respect as professionals, but have become very dear to my heart. I am inspired by their great care for brides, their passion in the industry, and the way they move mountains to best serve others (to name a few.)

From left to right we have Sheila- our amazing Massage Therapist, Rachel - Lead Stylist, Lindsay - Lead Makeup Artist, Janelle (myself) - Owner + Senior Stylist, Sara - Lead Stylist, and Nicole - Assistant.

I'm excited for you to get to know these wonderful ladies more!

Thanks for all of these great Team Shots, Alison Dunn Photography!