What Makes Up a Janelle on Location Bride?


Having been in the industry for so many years (this year makes my 17th of doing weddings!) I have noticed similarities in our brides. Especially these last years as our branding has become clearer, and our process always more stream-lined to make the most out of the JOL experience.

Here are some common attributes of JOL Brides:

Love for Friends + close to Family.

We are regularly amazed to find that our brides are incredibly intentional about their friendships and relationships. We so often hear a desire to use their wedding as an outlet to bless, pamper, and love on others, even when they are the ones being celebrated. 



Whether this is expressed in the sentiment of wearing a re-purposed veil or dress, or teeny-tiny pieces of the day that are intentionally thought out to bless those around them, our brides are SO.THOUGHTFUL. And in their thoughtfulness, unbelievably kind.

Detail Oriented.

Whether they're planning everything to a "T" themselves, or have hired a Wedding Coordinator or Planner to do it alongside/for them, our brides care about the details. The decor, the timeline...what they look like and how the day feels!


Self Awareness.

Knowing what they like, and don't like is key. Being comfortable in their own style and skin, they are an expert on "them." We are experts on hair and makeup. Together, we are experts on hair and makeup for them. This self awareness doesn't have to be immediate at the outset, sometimes it grows in the journey and discussion. But our brides aren't afraid of identifying things that "aren't them" and pointing to things that are when we suggest them.


When we explain options in achieving various looks, our brides trust our experience and education. Often, we find that brides will ask for our input about head pieces, extensions, their need for false lashes, or what application type of makeup we think would be best for them. 


I have no idea why. I have no idea how. I don't have an "answer" for this. But we seriously work with the SWEETEST brides. They send us hand-written thank you cards, write meaningful and encouraging emails that make our hearts soar, ask about OUR food allergies so THEY can serve us food at their Trial Run or on the Wedding Day...the list is endless. Maybe its because they feel like genuine friends by the time their wedding rolls around...I'm not sure. But we certainly love and appreciate it, and feel completely spoiled by them!

Images by Lauren Fair Photography and Alison Dunn Photography