Where Did the JOL Philosophy Come From?


We recently had a family from church over that we just started getting to know. As we exchanged "how we met our spouse" stories over pizza and beer, we then moved on to "what we do."

It's so much easier for people who've known me for years to understand what it is my Team and I do, and why. They've seen it all evolve. But it can be really difficult to concisely explain to those not in the wedding world, why we hold to the philosophy we do, and refuse to offer our brides any less than the services that come as a result of that philosophy.

I shared with our new friends that having done Hair + Makeup for weddings for years, my Team and I would so (so SO) often hear the same thing from brides, moms, and bridesmaids in regards to past Hair/Makeup experiences when we asked: 

"I'm sure the Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist did a great job...it just wasn't me."


"I'm sure it looked great, I just didn't feel like myself."

And since we are committed to being dedicated listeners, and bettering our services each and every year...the negative past experiences of our clients is what has continued to fuel our passion for getting to know them, their styles, their preferences, and what makes them feel beautiful.

I honestly can't get over the fact that SO.MANY.BRIDES in the world have HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of professional photos they spent thousands of dollars on and in every.photo they don't "look/feel like themselves." We think there is something SO WRONG with that!


I'm not sure where this, "technically it was great, but I sort of hated it" attitude (that I happen to think is incredibly gracious, by the way) comes from. Maybe it's because sadly, many in the Cosmetology industry can have pretty big egos. (Did I just put that in writing?!) And, I've witnessed it: the big ego can translate into a condescending, "You have no idea what you're talking about" tone with clients. An, "I know best." attitude.

Now. Are there times it is clear that our Cosmetology knowledge and experience allows us to better understand how styles and looks work, causing a need to educate the client? Of course.

But as one bridesmaid shared a past experience...you will never hear someone on our Team say anything along the lines of, "You look exotic. We'll give you an exotic look." 

What is that?! Assigning someone a certain Hair + Makeup style without their input at all? Who is wearing this all day, anyway?! (Can you tell this is a hot button for me?!)

Weddings are once in a lifetime. They are the most photographed day of someone's life. And it's with this in mind, that we emphatically refuse to provide Hair or Makeup Services without getting to know our clients first!

Images compliments of Alison Dunn Photography and Kristen Kiraly Films