Does a Curly Bob have to be a Triangle?


There are a lot of things Curly Girls think they can't get away with, that Straight Haired Girls have an advantage in. However, on a lot of things, I beg to differ. A Curly Girl can certainly have bangs...they just have to be the right kind of bangs for her face and spirals.

I discussed in a recent post, the varying factors about the bob hairstyle and its many forms. Today I want to demonstrate how, contrary to popular belief, a Curly Girl can absolutely have a bob without having a triangle on her head.

As mentioned all over my website and in previous posts, a DRY HAIRCUT is imperative to this kind of style.

JOL Blog22


This Curly Lady wanted a big change. Beginning with a very slight inverted bob, she only continued to amaze me with her bravery asking for a little bit shorter/sharper angle. We snipped until we got all of the curls just right. And isn't it so cute on her?!

I received a text just days after her cut exclaiming how much she loves this new style. That's one way to bring a giant grin to a Curly Stylist's face!

Speaking of cute new Curly bobs...get a load of THIS.

JOL Blog23 How much fun is this cut?! Adding all kinds of density and curl definition, this style could not be more perfect for these locks. Framing the face, interacting with one another to boost volume and create fantastic shape...these are seriously happy curls. Just ask the client!

"I. LOVE. MY. CUT.  It's been SO much fun to wear down, and people are telling me all the time how great it looks..." -KG

Not sure if a bob is right for your curls? Feel free to contact us with a photo of yourself and ask!