Curly Transformation

This Curly decided just seconds before her haircut that she wanted to go short-- I was amazed at her bravery! But was it a great decision.



Curly Haircut Transformation

Curly Haircut Decision Makers

With an initial intention of evening up the length {a common area to address if the last Curly Haircut wasn't a dry one}, the top curls here have a much higher curl spring factor. A dry cut allows me as the stylist to see what I'm really working with. And while we were able to get the curls in the nape area to curl more tightly, they simply aren't the same kind of curls as the ones on top.

This incredibly cute bob allowed us to hide the not-as-tight-curls and highlight the spring-y-er ones. The exact outcome we wanted!

We now have less frizz, increased curl definition, and an overall curly look that is even- with correct weight distribution and shape with more volume.

Check out this previous post for additional ideas about how to cut/style YOUR curls!

What does this make you want to do with YOUR curls for the summer?