Deva Curl Cleansers Video: No Poo vs Low Poo


I wish I could tell you how many clients have informed me that they "used" to {or even still use} Deva Products, and then during their first Deva Cut appointment with me exclaim, "OHHH! THAT'S how you use that?!" Technique is half the battle. Think of it as a recipe-- if you have all the right ingredients, with no directions as to how to mix it all together to complete the're going to be missing out big time!

Deva Curl Cleansers Video: No Poo and Low Poo

Since it can be overwhelming to switch {or even tweak} your Curly hair routine, I've decided to make some informational videos explaining the purpose, proper use, and the "why" behind each Deva Product. Check out the first video on Deva Curl Cleansers: No Poo and Low Poo.

For those of you who prefer reading over watching, the jist of the video is below.

Deva Curl Cleansers: No Poo vs Low Poo

No Poo

Deva Curl's Cleanser, No Poo is white in color, and the consistency of a conditioner. It doesn't bubble or emulsify, and does not strip your hair of all of its natural oils. {Which is a good thing!} While dish soap is created to "cut grease" {and we love that when we do dishes!} -- we do NOT want to do the same thing with our hair- but many shampoos do! No Poo purposely leaves a thin layer of your natural oil on your scalp to keep your curls hydrated. This keeps your oil glands from being "over productive" and telling your hair to produce extra oil because its all being stripped away with your shampoo.

I recommend No Poo for coarse, dry curls.

Low Poo

Deva Curl's Cleanser, Low Poo is translucent in color- with a slight yellow tint to it. It DOES bubble, but not due to sulfates! They added coconut just for people {like me} who love the "bubbly feeling."

I recommend Low Poo for fine hair, or scalps that tend to be more oily.

Deva Curl Cleansing Technique

For both cleansers, be careful to not use big arm and wrist movements as you wash your scalp. The cleansers aren't meant to scrub the shaft of your hair, just your scalp- think of your scalp as an extension of your face, and No Poo and Low Poo as your scalp "face wash." Stick with your fingers to do the scrubbing for you- lifting dirt, oil, and free radicals.

If you have any questions about the products or techniques, feel free to email me at I'd be happy to answer them for you!