Deva Cut: Brittany


JOL Website1-001 As you can clearly see, Brittany is beautiful no matter what style her hair is in.

What the photos don't show, but you would discover upon your first 5 seconds of meeting Brittany, is that she is ridiculously beautiful inside as well. A sweet, hospitable, caring soul who is passionate about loving others well. An utter delight to be around.

In need of a new style with some specific hair concerns/styling difficulties, Brittany and I discussed the best place to go with her cut. Removing a lot of weight out of her hair, adding some layers and framing, and making those curls BOUNCE!

DSC_0766-002Notice how LITTLE length we took off, and how MUCH hair was left on the floor after her cut! {shoe provided for scale-- and I have big feet for a girl!}

Deva Cuts are not about the "ends" or the "length." It's all about shape and weight distribution.

Brittany is now looking forward to getting more than one day out of her curls, and saving so.much.time. drying, styling, & putting her hair up. Just a little bit of scrunching with this new cut, and she's ready to bounce frizz free!

So, what's your favorite thing about

Brittany's new Deva Cut?