Deva Fuser FREEBIE!


DSC_0805-003Well, they say a curl's greatest tool isn't a brush, or comb {in fact those are the enemies!} but it's our hands and fingers. It's now possible to have a "hand" in the drying process too!

The Deva Fuser is an AWESOME tool to help safely dry your curls without overheating or blowing on them- causing them to separate. The Deva Fuser attaches to most hairdryers and works better than any other diffuser I've used- both in how it "scrunches" and "sets" your curls in place as they're drying. Fantastic at keeping your "crystalized cast" in tact to eliminate frizz-- see this post to learn a little about AnGel.

{This tool also fantastically doubles as "monster hand" if you're babysitting or have children of your own. Little boys especially find "roaring" with the "monster hand" hysterical and very entertaining. But I definitely don't know that from experience. It's just what I hear...}

{Dryer and little boys not included} Here's how to enter:

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