Devacurl Haircuts

I absolutely love my job.  

No matter how long I do this {meaning Devacurl haircuts}, I am ASTOUNDED and AMAZED after each and every client's curls-- this cut, these products...seem to work miracles. And...I just love it.

Take a look at these lovely ladies from recent appointments. I didn't write "before and "after"...because. Quite frankly, I think it seems redundant. Duh.

Devacurl Haircut #1

Look at the way her hair now curls up at her roots, and the curls cascade alllll the way down her hair...not just clustering at the ends the way they did before.

And. Can we say, DEFINITION?! Wow.

Ladies, let this be proof...that haircuts for Curlies do NOT have to end up SHORT! She kept almost all her length-- and still had tons of weight taken out and distributed more evenly. SHAPE. Not length. This is why I do what I do. Devacurl all the way.

Devacurl Haircuts

Devacurl Haircut #2

I love the shape this Deva Cut provides. {Oops. Was I already talking about shape?} Just look at those two shots of her gorgeous face-- those curls are now COMPLIMENTING her face shape. The slight bang {isn't her ombre cool?} is a perfect accent. So many words come to mind. Framing. Flattering. Gorgeous. Hydrated. Natural. Deva Cuts allow your curls to work together...instead of against each other. The proof is here!

Devacurl Haircuts


Devacurl Haircut #3

I seriously couldn't {and still can't} get over this one. These curls were thirsty...and they took the hydration that Deva Products provide, and DRANK it up. So much so, that the spring factor bounced up! We didn't take much off of the ends, but with some weight distribution and the right products...I am in disbelief: look at how thick and full her curls now are!!

Devacurl Haircuts

Devacurl Haircut #4

Out of all the photos in this post, this cut has the least "dramatic" shape change. Let it be proof: this was her SECOND Deva Cut {first one was in NYC}. While yes, her curls needed more definition, and new grew out really well. Can't you tell a difference between these "before's" and the others?

This sweet mom has such cute cut! Her appointment was so fun. I love how her curls bounce, and that she's chosen a style that is manageable for her season of life. Yay for reality. Yay for hair that looks great everyday with very little effort! She has beautiful waves, and wears them so well.

Devacurl Haircuts

Devacurl Haircut #5

Since many Curlies have been scarred by previous "hack jobs", it can take a while for confidence to be built to have a stylist go short. But this beauty, even on her first appointment, wasn't afraid at all! And Look at how those curls turned out! Is this the cutest little bob, or what?!

Devacurl Haircuts

Devacurl Haircut #6

No before pictures here...but holy cow was this precious girl ADORABLE!! Check out her gorgeous locks!

Devacurl Haircuts

Don't take our word for for yourselves how much these Curlies love their new Deva Cuts!

So, which one is your favorite transformation?