Styling Basics


A few secrets, tricks, and styling tips for you on the subjects of frizz and styling:

Condition. Condition. Condition. When the center of your hair is not well-hydrated {and your conditioner merely detangles}, the outer layer of your hair, the cuticle, reaches into the atmosphere to grab moisture. called FRIZZ. And we hate it.

Tip: Invest in a conditioner that is sulfate-free, and truly penetrates your hair; conditioning it from the inside out.

Naturally Curly Girl Tip: After hopping out of the shower and setting your curls how you’d like them to dry, DO NOT TOUCH THEM until they’re completely dry. This will significantly reduce frizz. Do NOT continue to scrunch your curls throughout the drying process-- be very very gentle with them. They can last you days if you treat them right while they dry!


Hydrogen Bonds. Ever heard of them? Unless you were in cosmetology school, or a chemist of some kind...probably not. Yet, they are essential to understanding how and why your hair styles like it does {or doesn’t.}


Wet to dry, and hot to cold-- it’s so important you take note of your personal styling habits.


Tip: To double-seal your hair’s hydrogen bonds, and reduce frizz-- after drying your hair completely, put your hair dryer on “cool” and cool it down all the way. You’ll be amazed at how the frizz STAYS away!


Ever have your bangs dry all wonky and no matter WHAT you do...there’s no fixing it? Or have you ever curled your hair, touched it while its warm, and watched all of the curls just melt away before your very eyes? It can be so disappointing watching all of that work go to waste!


Tip: When curling your hair with a curling iron {or any styling with heat} do NOT touch your hair until it’s cool. Even if you want to soften or separate curls, wait until AFTER they’re set-- they will last much longer throughout the day...and maybe even overnight!


When your hair goes from wet to dry, or hot to cool, you’re “setting” it. Instructing it, basically telling it, “Stay here.” Wetting and heating your hair are the “breaking down” of hydrogen bonds and drying and cooling re-build them.


More details on the specifics in the next post!

What are some of your favourite tricks to keep frizz at bay?