"Grab" a free book!


Even though it doesn’t touch your hair {don’t be weird and try to prove me wrong} one of THE MOST essential tools to styling your curls naturally...is the Curly Girl Handbook. I hand it to all of my curlies when they are under the dryer after their Deva Cut.  

This book is full of tips, tricks, and curly information. It’s the history of how and why Deva Curl came about.


But we know its not exciting to just READ about something. We want to DO something new.


So, going hand in hand {no pun intended} with our Curly Handbook giveaway are the wonderful and amazing…


::dun da da dun::


Deva Gloves! {see? get it? hand in hand?}

These babies are awesome. No longer struggle to get the curls closest to your scalp properly “scrunched” and released of water. These bad boys are my favorite. I just don’t know why someone didn’t think of this ingenious idea sooner! Microfiber towel gloves. I love it.


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