Selfie Deva Cut


So, I don't think I've ever put a "selfie" of JUST myself online before now. There are more than enough of my husband and me together...mostly on facebook- but {maybe I'm too old} I just haven't jumped on the selfie band wagon. Aaaaannd this feels really REALLY uncomfortable.


At the risk of being vain, I believe visual aids are important. And. It's for the sake of hair-learning.


Here I am.

JOL Website7

Both of these photos were taken this past weekend. The one on the left I snapped on Friday early morning before heading out the door to work a wedding.

The right photo was taken Sunday morning before church.

I used the exact same products, in the same order, with the same technique on both days. Both are "fresh off the Deva-fuser."

And yet...there's a huge difference, right?

Saturday I gave myself a bang trim, and chose about 10 strategic curls on the sides of my hair, and took of some weight/length.

And every time I do that, and then style my hair, I am AMAZED at how much easier it is to style my hair, how curly it gets, and how little I have to "work" to get my curls to come out of hiding.

I am freshly reminded how vital consistent Deva Cuts are to my curls working for me. No extra coaxing or encouraging...they fall into place and seem eager to go right where I want them...with hardly any work.

So Curlies, if you're using the right products, the right techniques, in the right order and still leave in the morning feeling like your curls aren't all you want them to be...'s time for a Deva Cut.

What are your first signs that you're ready for a trim?