Hair Stylist in Hatboro Specializing in Weddings + Curly Haircuts

Welcome to my little hair and make-up blog! I am so glad you’re here! There’s a lot of girly bonding we’re about to enjoy together-- discussing wedding details, curly girl conversations, hair and make-up tips, DYI products, and so much more! Hopefully over lots of cups of delicious tea or coffee- but that’ll be up to you.

Janelle on Location is a small business run by yours truly. My wonderful assistant*, Joanna, and I travel on-site to make the pampering and beautifying of a wedding convenient, professional, and relaxing for brides and their favorite ladies. We bring the salon to you! Based in Hatboro, PA {just north of Philly} we travel worldwide.

I also have been a certified “Deva Inspired Stylist” since February of 2010. Basically, that makes me a Curly Hair stylist who loves working with all different types of Curly Hair. Specializing in dry curly haircuts and the Deva Curl product line, I find great joy in helping curly girls get frizz out of their lives and teaching clients how to best reveal the natural beauty of their curls.

I started styling hair when I was 13 and worked many long Saturdays in High School doing Homecoming and Prom hair. After doing my first bridal party when I was 15, word began to spread and amidst many of my personal adventures, Janelle on Location was born.

I hope to offer my fellow blog-reading sisters a few suggestions and tricks my experience has taught me, that might help in your own personal styling. Make sure to stop by for our frequent Secrets, Tricks, and Styling Tips posts!

We’d love to hear from you-- what are some common obstacles or concerns you have with your hair or make-up? Tutorials to address your specific questions are on their way! What do you want to hear about and see?

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*a few outstanding stylists from up and down the east coast occasionally join the team depending on a wedding’s State/location