Choose the Right Wedding Hair and Makeup for You

Choosing your wedding hair and makeup look isn't a small decision. It significantly impacts your confidence for the day, every SINGLE photo, and how you'll remember feeling about yourself as you reflect back and reminisce about the most important day in your life for the rest of forever.

Setting a Higher Standard for Hair and Makeup

While many many hairstylists and makeup artists do fantastic work making women look beautiful...

...the truth is, on your wedding day, you don't want to just look pretty. You want to look YOUR BEST. Recognizably YOU...the very best representation of you. A look that encapsulates who you are, your style, your personality, and puts it on display for the world to see! You want to look and feel the most comfortable you've ever felt in your own skin.

This requires finding a hairstylist and makeup artist who will take the time to get to know you. Check out our guest post on Style Me Prettyfor more tips about How to Look Like Yourself on Your Big Day.

Wedding Hair and Makeup
Wedding Hair and Makeup

More than just pulling off a look

A lot of brides simply look gorgeous in anything. They could pull off any look in the world and make it look amazing. (This is why, if we didn't get to know our brides, we would have NO IDEA how to begin recommending styles!)

Sure, face structure, hair texture, density, eye setting, etc. can "tend" towards looking better in certain ways. But unless a hairstyle or makeup look is representative of won't like it, or feel comfortable in it. Or, there could be other styles you like far better, and you just have no idea they even exist.

What does this mean

Here's an example. This gorgeous bride is named Brooke. Chances are, you don't know her. So every reader will have a different opinion about what hair and makeup styles look best on her (trust us- we've heard them all!) And that's because...well, she's beautiful! She looks gorgeous in all of the styles! But to those who know her best, there is only one that's "Brooke."

While Brooke could pull off any of these looks: the flower crown Taylor Swift look-alike, the Icelandic princess, the timeless, vintage, re-purpose-your-mom's-dress look...what's most "her", fit HER personality, HER style, and complimented HER wedding gown...was soft, natural, beautiful waves in her flowing long blonde hair.

Just look at how her face lights up as she feels so comfortable in this look! She's glowing!

All of this is why a Trial Run is so important. In the process of getting to know you, we like to be able to offer helpful tips, suggestions, recommendations, and style ideas you may have never seen before or thought of that might be just PERFECT for you.

A special thanks to Cheryl Dawn Photography for the amazing images from Brooke's stylized photo shoot/trial run, and M2 Photography for these breathtaking photos of Brooks' wedding day. We are honored to work with you both!