Choosing the right style for you on Pinterest part 2

If you missed it, take a look at the first three questions I recommend asking when choosing a style for yourself from Pinterest. It can be so hard knowing how to describe something if you're not familiar with the language. And I dare say, communication is one of the most important things when it comes to your relationship with your hairstylist. FIND ONE THAT LISTENS!!

4. Am I letting my length rule the styles I'm looking at?

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Does this one seem contradictory with #3? I know, I know. You want to be realistic, which is great! But since your stylist has studied and studied hair for years, and has more hands-on experience then you can imagine…tell her if you want it to look “all up” even if you can’t fit your hair in a ponytail. Ask if its possible with your style. Trust her.

Don't be afraid to dream, "I want it to look like I have a lot of hair" or, " I want it to look like I have a lot LESS hair"-- there are tricks! Be realistic, but don't limit what you're looking at too much, or you might miss out on a style far better than your own imagination!





 5. Do these models have relatively similar texture and/or color to mine?

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I can’t help but smile inside when a beautiful woman with thick, dark, textured hair filps through photo after photo- showing me nothing but blonde celebrities with 4 pin-straight hairs on their heads. What you’re showing me is that you wish your hair was different altogether! Learn to EMBRACE what the good Lord gave you. Choose a style you won’t be fighting with it- it will cause far less heartache and tears. If you’re unsure what style would work with your kind of hair…ASK!!

Also. Almost no one has hair like this model. Seriously. Fine, yet thick. I'll do a whole new blog post on how to describe hair and the common misconceptions about thin/thick & fine/course in the future. I'd bet money there are extensions in there too. And its pretty rare that hair of that density holds curl well. But OH MY its gorgeous, isn't it?! And SO LONG!


6. Are all the pretty updos of blondes?

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No WAY! Blonde or highlighted hair, yes, shows dimensions and intricacies naturally-- and we love those details. Consider getting subtle highlights if the more ‘involved’ styles are what you’re going for. But there are SO.MANY. pictures on Pinterest…do not settle for pinning only blonde updos if you’re a brunette, red head, or somewhere in between! It can be helpful for you in visualizing it if you’re looking at the right color.


Here are a few of my most recently pinned styles...aren't they gorgeous?!

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What are your favorite kinds of styles?

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