Choose the right style for you on Pinterest: here's how!

Pinterest is so wonderful. I love scrolling through and getting ideas and being inspired. But sometimes...occasionally...Pinterest can limit us. Or our hairstylists. ::cough:: ::cough::

I experience both-- photos that are helpful and inspiring, and photos that constrict and diffuse creative freedom.

Here is the first three questions I recommend asking yourself about a style before choosing it as "the one" or one of "the ones" to show your stylist.

1. What information am I giving?

While this style is absolutely beautiful, think about how, we actually have no idea what the updo looks like.

It seems like maybe its on the side? Or. It could just be the way her head is turned...?

If you find styles like this that you like—where there isn’t actual information about what hair goes where for your stylist to go off of, communicate WHAT IT IS you like about the style.

“I like how this one is soft and seemingly accidental. There isn’t a lot of structure to it.”

{Remember: You don’t ACTUALLY want your style to be loose! It’s got to hold up all day. “Soft” is a safer word to go with when putting in your request.}


2. What does this style look like from a different angle?

This updo is stunning. I love how intricate it is. I’ve received it a handful of times as a request. But consider: the front…is completely pulled back, up, and off of her face. This angle of it is breathtaking. But if you have side bangs, or wear your hair down a lot…you’ll likely not be a fan of how it turns out on you. If you fall in this category, an idea would be to tell your stylist,

“I love the braid and how the curls are separated in small pieces and its really intricate. Do you have ideas about how we could do something similar to this, without sacrificing softness around my face?” If she knows what she’s doing…she absolutely will.


3. Is my haircut realistic with this style?

Those little tendrils. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them. They are so prominent in this photo, they’re all we really know about it. If this look is the direction you’re going, tell your stylist you want them BEFORE your entire style goes up. And be flexible. If you don’t naturally have pieces that “fall” to the right length with your haircut in the front…you could be fighting with your hair. Your “pieces” might come from different spots, and you might need to have some trimmed. Ask questions, be flexible, communicate "overall, general" look instead of holding onto specifics.




The rest of the list is coming! What questions do YOU have as you look through Pinterest photos?