FREE Matrix Hairspray!

Our first giveaway! ::I'm so excited::

I often hear a lot of suspicion about good-quality hairspray- or just products in general. “Is it really better than the stuff at the dollar store/grocery store?”

Um. YES.

It is.

We find that often our clients aren't using the right tools or products, and then are baffled that their hair won’t hold curl like when we do it.

Whether you want your bangs out of your face, flyaways down, or a style to last as long as you will during your day...its time to get a good, reliable hair spray.

Want one for FREE?

Today we’re GIVING AWAY a bottle of hairspray to a lucky winner. We use Matrix Shape Maker for styling hair for weddings. It's got a light hold so you can still play with your style and not feel crispy, but it has enough strength to keep a curl in limp hair.

Want to win it? Here’s how to enter:

1. Comment below with at least one reason your hair needs better products. 2. Share this blog post on facebook and tag Janelle on Location and at least 3 friends who need better products too!