Going short: Is the bob in or out?


Everyone has a different reaction when they hear the word, "bob." Some people cringe, others seem to light up. There are all kinds of bobs, and varying lengths. Stacked bobs, inverted bobs, ones that flip out, or curl under...the list is endless. Generally between your ear lobe and collar bone, a bob can fall anywhere, and can vary significantly in style. And length.

Some ladies swear they'll never ever ever ever get a bob due to either a botched haircut or a simply horrid style their mom made them get when they were younger...and all photos/evidence have since been destroyed. Others are interested and captivated by the idea of doing something different than a "trim" and choosing a style with its own name.

Straight Hair Inverted Bob: Long to Short

I think I read that 65% of hair is curly. There's SOME bend or wave in it-- over half the women in the world.

But for the other 35%...there's NOTHING. Stick-straight, beautiful, silky, don't-need-a-flat-iron, shampoo-commercial type hair.

This haircut...falls under that category.

Inverted bobs are something clients usually choose with hesitation. It's new. It's risky. It's sometimes more trendy than they're used to. An inverted bob makes a statement. Its it's own style. Shorter in the back, and longer in the front, sometimes its that happy in-between of not feeling QUITE as short, but getting used to not having lots of length.

This beauty {as you can see} had incredibly long hair prior to her cut. Thick, long, beautiful hair. Some would wonder, "Why cut it?!"

But with months of being bored with wearing it all down or in a ponytail and nothing in between...the weight/density of the hair hindering curls or any feeling of style, this sweet lady wanted something new. Something manageable. Something fun...easy...trendy...and maybe a little scary. Something very different. And it suits her so, so well!


Inverted Bob StyleWith nothing but "wow"s and "I love it"s after her cut, she was definitely prepared for the change. Don't just take it from me; hear it for yourself:

"I've always had super long hair, & was more than ready for something 'different'. I wanted short, but not too short. After talking to Janelle & attempting to explain the flood of thoughts & hesitations I had, she confidently walked me through the idea of an inverted bob. I was sold. I am so pleased with my haircut & especially love the added interest of the inverted bob!" -RL

Want to see what an inverted bob looks like on a Curly Girl? Then stay tuned!!