Styling Hair Basics part 2


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How to Style Your Hair

Last time we talked about the breakdown and rebuilding of hydrogen bonds {here} which locks your hair in place as you’re styling. Here are the two types:


1. Wet to Dry

In Middle School or High School, one of my friends was asking me about the front of her hair. The left side always gently curled into her face nicely. The right side always flicked out-- the opposite direction she wanted it to go. She asked if I could cut it differently to avoid that. Instead, I handed her a brush and had her look in the mirror. I told her to brush her hair and watch what she was doing. She was right-handed, and sure enough, brushed the left side beautifully in its place...and as she brushed the right side, she flicked her wrist to brush through the ends-- making the hair curl out. This “problem” area had nothing to do with her previous cut-- and everything to do with how she was drying and styling it everyday unknowingly!


My friend was basically “sealing” the bonds of her cuticle {the outside layer of hair} in the very way she did NOT want them to go.


If you have a problem area with the hair especially around your face, or your bangs...simply making sure you’re drying it correctly could fix the problem entirely.


Tip: When flat ironing bangs AFTER drying them, do not pull them straight down. Place the base of the flat iron at a 45 degree angle and very lightly and gently, whisk the flat iron through your bangs multiple times. One slow movement of pressing hard on the flat iron, and your bangs will be ruined for the day - sticking out straight like an Alfalfa look on your forehead, and you’ll be pulling them back-- there’s no recovering after that besides re-wetting and starting over.


It’s important with bangs to dry them with a hairdryer before they dry themselves in the shower after-math. Or, comb and place them how you’d like them to air dry. Keeping them swirled up in that towel on top of your head could make your morning LONG as you mess with those stubborn hairs trying to fix them.


Tip: In the warmer months, or when your ends feel damaged or dry, blow dry your hair on the cool setting until the very end. Get the last bit of dampness out with the heat of your blow dryer and enjoy how soft and frizz free your locks are. Throw a round brush in the mix to make it look like you just walked out of a salon!

In cooler months, do the opposite! Blow dry with hot, end with cool.


2. Hot to Cool

Ever wonder why the hotter the curling iron gets, the better your curls stay? Or, better yet, wonder why your >$20 curling iron seems to take 15 mins to curl one little curl? Its not the “heating up” that seals in those curls-- it’s the cooling down. Because your hair is being cooled from a higher temperature with a REAL curling iron, and not a cheap one...more “sealing” and locking-in is taking place. So don’t mess with those beautiful curls until they’re completely cool, or you’ll lose the wave.

Tool Tip: It’s worth saving some money and getting a good-quality curling iron. It’s honestly a money-saver to invest. By the time you go through two cheap, frustrating curling irons, you could’ve purchased a higher-quality, long lasting curling iron...leaving you with better hair and stress-free getting ready time! Ask your hairstylist what barrel size is right for your current haircut-- and make sure you don’t put the temperature TOO hot...or you’ll damage your hair.

Here is a great curling iron I recommend:

Curling Iron

And this is a good wand

What are some of your biggest obstacles to overcoming in drying and curling your own hair?