Wedding Hair & Make-Up: Classic & Romantic


With the help of Crissy Everhart from, it is my joy to present {and inspire you with} Jill the bride, and her lovely ladies’ hair and make-up! The style Jill chose for her Wedding Day was completely different from the styles we played around with at her trial run. That can be quite common, and is one of the main reasons it’s so important to have a trial! To see not only what you like…but what you like on you, and how that ties in with your whole look. After seeing a few Pinterest-inspired styles, I left Jill with something  "of my own" I thought she’d like for her engagement photos which were later that day. She loved it so much, that’s what inspired what we chose for her Wedding Day look!

This was such a FUN bridal party. I mean, seriously. Do YOU know anyone who stops at Wawa in a wedding gown?! I love this!

And check out what the bride and groom chose as a “photo booth alternative”…SO CREATIVE!! Refusing to let the weather “ruin” photos, take a peek at their cute idea to make photos even better!

As a stylist, one of my proudest moments in receiving photos, is the last picture. Hair and make-up perfectly in tact after a 17 hour day? That’s a win!!

Thanks again to the brilliant Crissy Everhart, for sharing her skill and eye for beauty with us! Check her out at Scroll to the bottom to hear what she has to say about this awesome couple!



For Jill’s hairstyle, we did a classy look with softness around her face by swooping to the side, volume on the top and at the crown, and a smooth, intentionally-placed-curls peeking out on the side. Elegant, romantic, and simple- not too intricate, but with detail enough to be breathtaking.

For a not-everyday-make-up-wearing-bride, I usually recommend browns and pinks. That’s what we did for Jill. Various shades and tones of browns for her eyes, with brown liner, a deep pink for her cheeks, and lips with a slight undertone of magenta.

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Ranging in styles for her ladies, Joanna and I had a blast with all the various hair and make-up requests. And isn’t Jill’s mom stunning?! This bridal party was so much fun {can’t you tell?!} and Jill was so laid back, making for a smooth and enjoyable {did I mention FUN?!} morning for everyone.

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"Jill and Joe were nothing but AWESOME all day long. Jill is a total sweet heart who just doesn't stop smiling and laughing and having fun. Joe is a goofball who loves Jill and loves to make her laugh. We had rain on and off but that didn't stop us from being outside to do some fun photos with umbrellas, or even make the limo stop at Wawa on the way to the reception. The reception was full of laughs, dancing, and Caricatures by Emily so every guest left with a memento of the day!" -Crissy Everhart of Crissy Creative