Five Tips to the Perfect Wedding Morning

A wedding morning can be a LOT of things. Exciting, stressful, joyous, overwhelming, full of adrenaline, anxiety-inducing...and we want all of our brides to have the most seamless "getting ready" experience possible. Because, let's be honest. A wedding morning is about SO MUCH MORE than just having everyone's hair and makeup done. (Even if that's our favorite part!)

This is your last morning as a single lady. This is a time to celebrate who you are, who you've become, and the amazing ladies who've watched and even helped shape that process over the course of your life.

Which, leads us to our first tip!

Surround Yourself with Your Favorite Ladies

Honestly, this part should be really easy. Because it's highly likely that your favorite ladies are already in your bridal party and will be getting ready with you. But even if you've chosen not to have a bridal party, coming up with this list shouldn't take any effort. Who is in your Recent Calls list? What friends are all over your Facebook timeline? Who have your co-workers heard about and now know by name even though they've never met? favorite one: What ladies will CELEBRATE with you the most?

You'll want these ladies to be the ones that make you laugh (so hard that you cry), that will shed tears of joy when they see you in your dress. The friends that will, "Remember when" all morning as you tell hysterical stories of your growing up or dating your fiance. All of these things will relax you, and keep you focused on what the day is all about: marrying the man of your dreams!

A small word of caution, that while you definitely don't want to feel like anyone is missing from this special group you choose, brides can tend to feel a bit overwhelmed when there's more than about 12-15 people around giving suggestions about the wedding day or your hair/makeup. (For some brides, that number is more like 3-5.) You know yourself, you know your friends-- just consider the space you have and what will help keep you sane, stress-free, and relaxed.


Food + Drinks

This is where the party starts! Mimosas, the best coffee, pastries and fruit...or even a full-on brunch! Don't skimp-- this is the greatest day ever, after all! From a practical standpoint, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a designated bridesmaid who makes sure you're eating and drinking enough (water!) on your wedding day. Staying hydrated and nourished is important for all of the emotions and energy needed to greet guests and pour out your heart in front of a hundred people.


Choose Either a Familiar, or Fun Environment

We recommend having plenty of space for ladies to hang out as you sip those mimosas and chat with one another while they're not in our styling chairs. Consider whether you'd feel more comfortable in a perfectly-naturally-lit hotel room + a front desk to call for any needs, or if the familiar space of your childhood home would put you right at ease, do what's best for you. We will just add, that bridal parties who have only one or two locations to be at for the day, seem a lot less frazzled. Whether you get ready at the ceremony site or reception venue (or both), we've seen a significant decrease in the stress of ladies as they transition from one part of the day to the next, if the final wedding-destination is all in the same place, or just one additional location.


Choose a Stylist who knows you + will be focused on you

One of many reasons we love getting to know our brides personally, is because after our phone calls, countless emails, a trial run, and Pinterest Board sharing together, we are a familiar face, and calming presence to a bride on the morning of her wedding. We love knowing our brides' likes and dislikes, and being able to focus all of our energy and attention in the right place on her most important day. We are a no-drama, positive, energetic team who absolutely LOVES what we do!

No to-do list

...or a Wedding Coordinator to take care of it! Honestly, though, we see this as a huge area of stress for brides. Any last minute things that need to be handled the day of the wedding often keep them distracted from being in the moment and savoring every single second of this day they've planned so long and hard for. Pass the to-dos onto someone else: brides are just supposed to ENJOY!!

Thank you, Lauren Fair Photography and Kristin Shyla for these gorgeous images!