Makeup Tip Monday: Mascaras. What's the difference?

A #makeuptipmonday for you from the lovely Sara: "Do you know all Mascaras basically work the same? All mascaras will give you longer and darker lashes, the secret is in the wand! Some are plastic, some are cloth. My go-to Mascara is L'Oréal Volumious Mascara in Carbon Black."

Beautiful Bridal Romper by Tessa Kim, and stunning photo by Alison Dunn Photography

Makeup Tip Monday: Our Most Popular Lip Color

A little #makeuptipmonday for you from yours truly! Just thought you ladies might like to know that Urban Decay's Vice line has a lip color called "Ex-girlfriend." It is THE MOST popular color among our brides and bridesmaids hands down (and the irony of the name for Bride's to wear on their wedding day is not lost on us!) It looks like a natural lip color, but more pigmented. Shout out to the lovely #jolbride Ashton, who's pictured here!

Image by the fabulous Lauren Fair Photography

Makeup Tip Monday: "Face Lift" with Makeup!

A fabulous #makeuptipmonday for all the Mothers and Grandmothers of Brides and Grooms who joke with us about needing a "face lift" from their makeup. Rachel's got a great trick to make that happen!

"I really like giving the face a 'lift' by using slightly lighter than their skin-tone concealer on either side of the mouth, both sides of the nose, both sides of the eyes, and right above the eyebrows."

Image by Alison Dunn Photography

Makeup Tip Monday: No Dark Under Eye!


Today's #makeuptipmonday comes to you from Nicole: "I personally prefer to do eye makeup (brows, lids and liner) before the rest of the face. Even though your under eyes may look free from shadow fallout, there is always some that escapes. After eye application, I take a qtip and makeup remover and gently wipe under the eye. You would be surprised at how much fallout is unnoticed by the naked eye! I prefer this technique as i am personally self conscious of my dark under eyes. This ensures a clean canvas and less work touching up with concealer."

Photo by Alison Dunn Photography

Makeup Tip Monday: Making Shimmer Shadow POP!

Today's Makeup Tip Monday comes to you from Lead Stylist, Sara: "Do you ever have a shimmer eye shadow that doesn't pop as much as you'd like? I do! Well I have a solution for you! Before you dip your brush into your favorite shimmer eye shadow give it a light mist with water, then dip into that shadow. You will notice a much more pigmented popping eye shadow!"

Image by the lovely Alison Dunn Photography